Adam Beh

Samburu National Reserve
Fellow Year: 
2009 - 2010
About Adam Beh

Adam received his PhD through the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Department at CSU working with Dr. Brett Bruyere.  For his CCC fellowship Adam employed Photovoice, a participatory action research project, to organize a diverse group of conservation practitioners and community members in eastern Samburu County, Kenya. The project allowed the group to identify local conservation concerns and develop plans for community action. As a result, 26 photographers from Samburu National Reserve, Kalama and West Gate Community Wildlife Conservancies and local communities worked together to identify a way forward for conservation, education, and development on their own lands. Their collective vision has been shared with international audiences in Kenya and the United States. Adam is currently working at the Jornada Experimental Range as a Human Ecologist for USDA-ARS (New Mexico State University) coordinating the Land-Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS), a cloud-based analytic system using mobile phone technologies to integrate local and scientific knowledge for dynamic land-use planning in Kenya, Namibia, and the southwestern US.