Adam Miller

United States
Fellow Year: 
2009 - 2010
About Adam Miller

Adam is a recent CSU graduate who majored in the Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology. He worked as an undergraduate intern for CCC fellows Esther Duke and Dr. Liba Pejchar (first cohort).  Adam first interned with Esther, assisting with data entry and information management duties on her project linking conservation and farmer livelihoods through payments for ecosystem services in Western Panama.  He also developed his own project titled Panamanian Coffee Exchange (PCE) building off of Esther’s fellowship. In Fall 2010 he will be helping Liba and her graduate student, Susan Culliney, with research on Hawaiian forest birds and their role in dispersing seeds and restoring understory fruiting plants which have ecological, economic and cultural value. Adam’s long-term goal is to be a conservation biologist who collects scientific information in ways that support natural and human communities.