2009 - 2010

In February, 2009, the Center for Collaborative Conservation (CCC) at Colorado State University and the Warner College of Natural Resources awarded seventeen fellowships which formed the first cohort of CCC Fellows.  These fellows included eleven graduate students, three faculty members and three conservation practitioners. Also among them were three undergraduate interns who assisted fellows with their projects.  This cohort of Fellows was from six nations around the globe and represented six departments and three colleges from Colorado State University, and three NGO’s.  

The first cohort of CCC fellows focused on doing conservation work in six diverse locations that included:  

  • United States
  • Kenya
  • Philippines
  • Mongolia
  • Panama
  • Tanzania 

Diverse problems

The fellows focused their work on problems as diverse as marine conservation in the Philippines, to pasture management in Mongolia, to elephant-people conflicts in Tanzania.  In Colorado, four fellows worked toward better understanding how collaboratives work and how they can work better through using both market and non-market-based incentives for conservation.