2014 - 2015

The Center for Collaborative Conservation awarded twelve fellowships to form the sixth cohort of CC fellows. These fellows include six graduate students, two faculty members and four conservation practitioners. In addition, four undergraduate CCC interns were selected to work with the fellows. The fellows represented four departments and one interdisiplinary program from Colorado State University. 

This six cohort of CCC fellows focused their work in six diverse locations that included:

  • United States
  • Kenya
  • Ecuador
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Vietnam

Of the fellows that worked in the United States, their research spanned Colorado, Hawai'i, South Dakota, 

Diverse problems

This cohort focused on problems as diverse as:

  • working with rural farming communities in Northern Vietnam to create a community-based business model
  • human elephant conflict mitigation through the use of beehive barrier fences in the village of Kitisi, Idodi District
  • developing a web-based portal for the Colorado Collaborative Conservation Atlas project and increasing citizen science data collection and monitoring
  • collaboratively designing and implementing an adaptive management experiment using innovative, rancher-identified techniques for improving sage-grouse habitat
  • investigating the ecological and economic tradeoffs associated with avian species in agricultural fruit systems and the visual cues related to ecosystem services 
  • engaging with communities and stakeholders in the process of restoring degraded and deforested landscapes in Uganda and Ethiopia
  • investigating actual and perceived traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) regarding the endangered Hawai ́ian crow