Lacey Gaetcher

Fort Collins, CO
United States
Fellow Year: 
2013 - 2014
About Lacey Gaetcher

Lacey is the National Director of the Fort Collins-based NGO Trees, Water & People. In her Tribal Business Development Program, Lacey is helping create “green” livelihoods on Native American reservations in the United States, where there are few other employment options, especially those that honor the Native tradition of respect and care for the resources of Mother Earth. With the help of CSU’s College of Business, Lacey will expand this idea of developing tribal businesses to include creating a format and foundation for Trees, Water & People to act as an incubator for livelihoods in energy conservation. During the Fellowship, Lacey will work with one selected tribal renewable energy start-up business candidate, helping that person or persons establish a viable Native American-owned and operated business in the energy conservation field. Lacey is collaborating with Jessica Rawley and Kathryn Ernst  at CSU’s Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Enterprise; staff associated with the NEON Global Research and Analysis consulting service, and Henry Red Cloud, a Lakota tribal entrepreneur.