Rekha Warrier

New Delhi
Fellow Year: 
2015 - 2016
About Rekha Warrier

Rekha is a PhD student with the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology and her home department is Fish Wildlife and Conservation Biology (FWCB). Her advisor is Dr. Barry Noon, who is a Professor in the FWCB department. The goal of Rekha’s research is to help design sustainable strategies for the prevention and mitigation of human wildlife conflict (HWC) in a human dominated conservation landscape. The study site is a globally significant tiger conservation area in northern India known as the Central Terai Landscape (CTL). In this landscape, HWC in the vicinity of protected areas is currently undermining tiger recovery efforts. To achieve the project goal, Rekha will collect and integrate data on the ecological and social dimensions of human wildlife interactions that result in real and perceived conflict in the CTL. The study will be carried out in collaboration with the State Forest Department and WWF, India, both of whom are engaged with long term conservation and conflict mitigation in the landscape. In conjunction with WWF, Rekha will produce a conflict mitigation plan and a conflict risk map for the CTL and also awareness posters for local communities. Besides generating these products, Rekha’s research will also help extend our current understanding of the conservation value of areas that lie beyond protected area boundaries in the CTL.