Team Alaska

United States
Fellow Year: 
2015 - 2016
About Team Alaska

Darcie Warden is the State Director for the 501(c)(3) non-profit Alaska Wilderness League and team lead for the project “Indigenous Life-ways in a Changing World: Identifying Threats to Subsistence Livelihoods through Local Indigenous Knowledge and Native Youth Experiential Learning in Interior Alaska”. Her team includes Dr. Paul Evangelista (Faculty, Natural Resource Ecology Lab and Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, CSU) and Matt Luizza (PhD candidate, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, CSU). Their project will work closely with two Native Alaskan youth in Alaska’s Yukon Flats, cataloguing local knowledge and perceptions about environmental changes occurring across the region, important ecosystem services provided by the landscape and threats posed to indigenous life-ways. Through collaboration and shared learning between local communities, wilderness advocates, scientific researchers and land managers, this project ultimately seeks to understand the environmental changes witnessed by Native Alaskans, the challenges they face, and the opportunities that exist to protect the ecological integrity of the Yukon Flats and local subsistence livelihoods. This project also provides a platform for native communities to have their voices heard by land managers and policymakers. Finally, this project will offer technical training and capacity building for participating local youth and provide important findings to be incorporated into a long-term, statewide project proposal.