Kenny Cal

Team Belize

Fellow Year: 
2015 - 2016
About Team Belize

Kenny Cal, Ya’axché Conservation Trust’s Community Outreach and Livelihoods Program Director, will work alongside community farmers engaged in agroforestry and aid in assessing the human impacts of agroforestry. He will collaborate with Lee McLoughlin, Ya'axché’s Protected Areas Program Director on researching the ecological impacts of agroforestry. Sarah McCarthy and Angelia Lane, both graduate students in the Conservation Leadership Through Learning program at CSU, advised by team member Jennifer Solomon, Assistant Professor of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, will collaborate with Ya'axché, carrying out research to understand the impacts of agroforestry in the Qe’qchi community of Indian Creek in the Maya Golden Landscape.

The Maya Golden Landscape, an ecologically important corridor in Southern Belize, is home to over 20 indigenous Qe’qchi Maya farming communities who rely on services provided by these functioning ecosystems. This project will critically analyze two sustainable farming techniques, agroforestry and inga alley cropping, to assess the extent to which they maintain biodiversity and the perceived benefits of agroforestry in the community of Indian Creek.