Gearing Up For Our Trip to Kenya

By: Hannah Gosnell

Location: Corvallis, Oregon

Having gained tremendous momentum from last spring’s “Future of Pastoralism” symposium here at OSU, which allowed several of our Kenyan team members to visit the US and tell us more about themselves and their country, Team US West-Kenya is gearing up for our next opportunity to meet in person, this time in Kenya! Several US team members, including Johnny Sundstrom, Robin Reid, Kendra Sharp, Brett Kauffman, Rachael Davee, Denny Iverson and me, will travel to Nairobi in February and spend 10 days traveling around Southern Kenya, hosted by team members Paul Meiliara, Nickson Parmisa, and John Kamanga. The main purpose of the trip will be to visit Shiloh Sundstrom’s field sites, share with community members the results of his research, and gather feedback about the accuracy of our interpretations and future research needs. We will also develop ideas for building and strengthening our international pastoralist learning network. OSU grad student Rachael Davee has been busy transcribing the remaining interviews Shiloh recorded during his last visit to Kenya, and team members will meet in person and via Skype several times over the next few months to identify major themes and discuss how best to present the material to the Kenyans.