Fellows 2019 Reunion

CCC Fellows Reunion

The CCC is celebrating 10 years of their Fellows Program! To celebrate, the CCC held a fellows reunion on Sept. 13 at the CSU campus. About 30 fellows were in attendance.

Each Fellow shared…

  • The title and location of their fellows project and gave a brief description of the project.
  • The current status of their fellows’ project (about half of the attendees said their project was continuing on in some way).
  • What they are doing now and if they are using collaboration in their current work.
  • Professional collaborative conservation resources they have found useful in their current careers.

Former CCC Director, Robin Reid, and Maria Fernandez-Gimenez, CCC Associate Director of Research gave a presentation and lead a discussion on Transformative Science and how to bring different knowledges together with the goal to promote transformative local change through collaborative conservation.

In the afternoon, Rina Hauptfeld (a past fellow and CSU Ph.D. student) gave a presentation on some of the research data that she and Megan Jones (also a CSU Ph.D student) gathered this summer for the CCC Fellows Program 10-year Report, which will be published this fall.  Rina then led a discussion on “How Can We Improve the Fellows Program?” Fellows met as a big group and also broke into two World Café small groups to discuss: 1) what would be useful trainings for previous and new fellows, 2) should new fellows’ follow-up on previous fellows’ projects if the opportunity arises? , and 3) how can we maximize the impact of the fellows program?

Many thanks to all who attended the reunion for their excellent ideas, insights, and experiences.

Post Fellows Reunion Notes 

Reid CCC Fellows Reunion PPT

CCCReunion 10 Year Reflective Study