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Meet the Fur and Feathered Friends of the CCC!

We have gone through quite the transition at the CCC in recent months! As we’ve gained many new faces on our team, we wanted to take a moment to recognize our fur and feathered friends who put a smile on our faces, offer snuggles and pets when we are in need of comfort, join our zoom calls for fun, and support us as we work hard towards CCC’s mission to build capacity for collaborative conservation!


Her essential state of being is one of joy, unless you try to take the ball from her – which Allison will try to explain is a necessary step in order to be able to throw the ball.


Noodles is a 3 year old grey cat originally from Louisville, Kentucky. Katie M. is still training her to be a friendly kitty, because she is naturally very evil. Her hobbies include biting, scratching, pouncing, and meowing. Once in a blue moon, she may grace you with a lap-sit or even a snuggle, and in these moments you will forget all her evil-ness and love her forever!


Atti (full name Atticus) is a peach-faced lovebird from Arizona City who is looking after a little flock of two humans. He has worked double duty as the home office manager for Aireona since 2020, and he moonlights as an anthropologist and author, with the goal of becoming the definitive authority on humans among bird-kind. His hobbies include destruction of property and mastering relaxation techniques such as mindful napping, freshwater bathing, and sauna meditation.


Wombat a newly retired sled dog. Rosie met her while visiting her brother in the racing kennel he worked at outside of Fairbanks this winter. Although she can run 500 miles in -40 degrees, Wombat might enjoy the couch more than the cold.


Lily enjoys gracing John’s meetings with her presence on Zoom. Lily is an indoor cat (as are all of our staff’s kitties), so that she cannot kill birds. As strong supporters of bird conservation, we at the CCC believe that cats should stay inside!


A poodle constantly in motion, it’s a rare moment to capture this dog standing still. However, as a true Rams fan, Tundra slowed down just long enough to pose for John here.


Katie D. may not have any pets of her own, but she loves to spend time with her cousin’s dog. Please meet Calvin, his favorite hobby is to find and hoard all of our sticks in the back yard.


My name is Canyon! I was found lost at a construction site when I was a few weeks old and was taken to the Athens Humane Society in Georgia. Audrey became my foster mom in April of 2015, but she loved me too much so she decided to adopt me! Now I am seven years old and I am spunky and friendly. My hobbies include exploring the backyard with my friends, playing hide n’ seek, hanging out in boxes, and chewing up the corners of mom’s boring paperwork. 

Joel & Zelda

Rescued from the streets of Denver, Joel and Zelda came into Nicole’s life in 2008 when a roommate brought them home as a 2-for-1 deal. These trouble makers love boxes, chirping at birds they see through the windows, photobombing zoom meetings, and curling up on Nicole’s yoga mat the moment she rolls it out. And while they might be curious to always know what you’re doing, nothing beats a nap in the sun.