The Colorado Forest Collaboratives Network has Launched!

We would like to welcome you to the Colorado Forest Collaboratives Network (CFCN). “As Coloradoans face increasingly difficult forest health challenges, some of our greatest successes are thanks to [collaborative groups’] dedication, creativity, and ability to bring people together,” Colorado Department of Natural Resources Director Dan Gibbs shared in a letter of support for the […]

Conservation Finance Boot Camp 2022 is Coming Up!

This year’s Conservation Finance Boot Camp is fast approaching! This week-long course targeted at mid-career professionals covers the latest in-depth information on conservation funding and financing trends and innovations, including public funding, private investment capital, bridge financing and loans, gifts and grants, income from the land, and monetized ecosystem services. The Boot Camp emphasizes hands-on […]

CCC News: April 2022

Meet the new CCC Associate Director of Learning, Allison Brody and learn about a number of exciting CCC events and opportunities coming up this month including: the continuation of our webinar series on grasslands, CCC participation in the upcoming meeting Colorado Forest Health Council meeting, new ways to get involved in the CCC, and more! […]

Collaboratives Behind-the-Scenes: Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Welcome to the Western Collaborative Conservation Network’s profile series “Collaboratives Behind-the-Scenes.” This series features Q&As with different conservation organizations to provide a view into what it takes to run a collaborative organization from challenges faced in building partnerships to tips for budding organizations. Whether you’re already running a collaborative and are looking to increase your […]

CCC News: March 2022

Find out more about CCC’s upcoming webinar series on grasslands, register for CFN’s summer 2022 Finance Boot Camp, and check out current conservation grant and job opportunities. Read the newsletter.

Emerging Leaders: Audrey Clavijo

As a part of the Western Collaborative Conservation Network’s Capacity Building Working Group, the Emerging Leaders Initiative works to support individuals by connecting them with mentors, one another, and resources that create career and professional development opportunities and empower change. “Emerging leaders” are individuals new to the conservation field with an innovative vision for the […]

Decision Authority and Decision Space

Gary Severson, a founding member of the WCCN, has shared a new article with us on decision authority and decision space. “In federal land and resource management decision-making processes, the terms decision authority and decision space are frequently used. Unfortunately, they are often used as synonyms and are interchanged freely without regard to their meanings. […]

Webinar Recording Out Now: Get to Know the Preble’s Mouse and Conservation Team

On February 23, 2022, the members of the Poudre Site Conservation Team (SCT) hosted a webinar to introduce a new, first-of-its-kind approach to species conservation and share how you can get involved. A recording of this webinar is now available to watch. It includes a Q&A with SCT members, including local landowners. The Poudre SCT […]

Funding Available for Human-Carnivore Coexistence Projects at CSU

The Center for Human-Carnivore Coexistence at Colorado State University is requesting proposals from CSU faculty and students to fund projects related to human-carnivore coexistence. Proposals for both grant opportunities are due March 11. View the full requests for both the Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Grants and the Student Research and Outreach Grants below.

CCC News – February 2022

We have a lot to share in this month’s CCC News: We’re welcoming our Cohort 12 Fellows, participating in webinars on the Marshall Fire and on grassland management, learning about the community-based conservation of the Prebble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse, and more. And as always, you’ll find jobs and other opportunities to get involved in collaborative […]