Cohort 11 Fellows

The Center for Collaborative Conservation has awarded two teams and one individual fellowship to form the eleventh cohort of CCC Fellows!

$42,300 Awarded

3 Projects

Working in: Colorado, Brazil, Tanzania

Fellows Cover

Meet the Fellows

7 Fellows

  • 3 Practitioners
  • 3 Faculty
  • 1 Master’s Student


  • Jim Barborak – Co-Director, Center for Protected Area Management, CSU
  • Felipe Zanusso – Coordinator of the Young Leaders Network of Protected Areas Conserved in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Juarez Michelotti – Manager of SESC’s (Commerce Social Service) Bertioga Private Nature Reserve


  • Nora Flynn – Agricultural Water Specialist, Colorado Water Center, CSU
  • Blake Osborn – Water Resource Specialist, Colorado Water Center and CSU Extension
  • Nita Gonzales -Founder and Principal of Nuevo Amanecer, LLC. – Denver, CO


  • Andie (Miranda) Conlon – MS student in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, CSU