Cohort 10 Fellows

The Center for Collaborative Conservation has awarded two teams and two individual fellowships to form the tenth cohort of CCC Fellows!

$48,000 Awarded

4 Projects


Topic: Human-Carnivore Relationships

Wolf In North Park July 2019 (c) Colorado Parks And Wildlife.jpg

Meet the Fellows

6 Fellows

  • 2 Practitioners
  • 1 Ph.D. Student
  • 3 Master’s Students
  • From 4 Departments at CSU

12 Collaborators

  • Hillary Zaranek-Anderson – M.S., rancher and wildlife biologist, Anderson Ranch/Centennial Valley Association
  • Alex Few – Ph.D., Northern Rockies Coordinator, Western Landowners Alliance
  • Matt Barnes – M.S., Shining Horizons Land Management LLC, Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative
  • Stewart Breck – Ph.D., Research Wildlife Biologist, USDA National Wildlife Research Center
  • Paul Evangelista – Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Ecosystem Science and Sustainability; Research Ecologist, Natural Resource Ecology Lab, CSU
  • Dana L.K. Hoag – Ph.D., Professor,  Department of Agricultural Economics, CSU
  • CJ Mucklow – Western Region Director, Colorado State University Extension
  • Robin Young – CSU Extension, Archuleta County Director, Natural Resources and Agriculture Agent
  • Karin Vardaman – Working Circle Proactive Stewardship, Executive Director
  • Jonathan Proctor – Defenders of Wildlife, Rockies and Plains Program Director
  • Peter Nelson – Director of Federal Lands, Defenders of Wildlife
  • Dan Gibbs – Director, Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Fellows Calendar

Important dates and deadlines will be posted here.

Forms and Paperwork

Materials for Cohort 10 will be found here.