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Partnering with Colorado Open Lands

By: Gailmarie Kimmel

Location: Northern Colorado

Hi readers,

Good news from the Farmland Coop.  We’ve just partnered with Colorado Open Lands (COL) – one of our state’s largest non-profit land conservation orgnizations –  to successfully submit a grant to GOCO-Great Outdoors Colorado, an entity which redirects a portion of state lottery proceeds into preserving/protecting/enhancing Colorado’s natural heritage.   We will know the results in early December.
We continue to identify more members and investors who are very interested in our innovative approach.
We also recently hosted an informal “Producers Gathering” and promoted it among Colorado Building Farmers class lists, referrals from National Young Farmers Coalition and Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, and local listings from Bounty

Magazine and Living Soil Investments.  A small turnout but the conversation was lively and gave us some ideas for fine-tuning an application process.  Harvest time is here in Northern Colorado so we will continue with one-to-one meetings with potential producers as the quieter winter months arrive.