NOTE: The Fellows Retreat will be the week of April 27th (not the week of April 20th) as stated in the RFP

For this Fellows Cohort we are seeking proposals focused on a single, multi-faceted topic:

  • People and Predator Relationships in the United States. We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary projects that relate to the potential need for wolf management in Colorado. These projects may address the biological, social, economic, or political aspects of wolf management.

At the CCC, we know that an effective process for having a dialogue and making decisions on such a contentious issue requires a careful and skilled approach, backed by good information from biological and social sciences and from people who derive their livelihoods from the land.

We invite both individual and team applications and encourage applications from practitioners and all CSU colleges and departments. Practitioners are people who use, own, or manage natural resources as individuals (like ranchers, foresters, farmers) or who work professionally for agencies, NGOs or tribal nations. We are particularly interested in involvement from CSU Extension employees, members of the Western Collaborative Conservation Network (WCCN), and Indigenous individuals or communities.

Completed applications should be sent to before:

midnight MST, Friday February 21, 2020.

Applications Materials:

Carefully read through all of the application materials before submitting.

  1. Cohort 10 Fellows RFP
  2. Cohort 10 Fellows Application Instructions
  3. Cohort 10 Budget Template
  4. Cohort 10 RFP FAQ
  5. Cohort 10 RFP Evaluation Criteria