Community Collaboration and Member-Owner Engagement with Poudre Valley Community Farms, a Farmland Cooperative

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Gailmarie Kimmel, Practitioner

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Poudre Valley Community Farms (PVCF) believes that land conservation and farmer viability go hand-in-hand, united by soil preservation and health. As far as the PVCF knows, they are the only farmland cooperative in the U.S. working to conserve agricultural land, and create access and viable livelihoods for community-based food producers. As PVCF enters its 2nd year, the group must divert some of their attention from the on-going pilot land purchase, which Larimer County now estimates will happen in the fall of 2016, to addressing other foundational questions regarding prioritizing farmland purchases, identifying the community base for new land acquisition, identifying potential landowners, creating standards for farming on cooperatively owned land, and enhancing university research and member-owner engagement. Collaborators: conservation and local food practitioners; Colorado State University; Poudre Valley Community Farms Co-founders.


Poudre Valley Community Farms, Laporte, CO


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