Increasing second homeowner engagement in supporting healthy communities and protected area management: Saaremaa Island, Estonia

- About Jana

Dr. Jana Raadik Cottrell is a faculty member in the Colorado State University Honors Program. She received her PhD at CSU as well and continued to teach there and at the Tallinn University of Technology. She was a member of the Presidential CSU Internationalization Committee and an inviter speaker at the 21st annual conference of European Association of Hotel & Tourism.

Dr. Jana Raadik Cottrell, Faculty

- Project Summary

Jana will be building on Stuart Cottrell’s 2011-2012 Faculty CCC fellowship project “Challenges for sustainable nature-based tourism: Vilsandi National Park, Saaremaa Island, Estonia”, and her own 2011 study “Second homeowners motivations and expectation for flexible work opportunities in Saaremaa Island”. Jana proposes to examine second homeowner potential for engagement in  nature based tourism in the parks and protected areas on Saaremaa Island, Saare County, Estonia. Many second homeowners living nearby protected areas on the island stressed concerns about the lack of management effectiveness, and showed interest in collaborating on conservation and tourism related management practices (Raadik Cottrell, 2012). The main goal of this project is to increase second homeowner engagement in supporting healthy communities and environments through local participation in collaborative efforts. Collaborators: Estonian Ministry of Environment, Viidumäe Nature Reserve and the State Nature Protection Center Saare Region; CSU, and Kuressaare College of Tallinn University of Technology.


Saaremaa Island, Estonia

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