Tim Reader & Randy Johnson, Colorado

2‐3‐2 Community Biomass Enterprise Development

About Tim

Tim is the Utilization and Marketing Forester with the Colorado State Forest Service in Durango, Colorado. He has been involved in watershed and forestry work since he was an undergraduate at Colorado State University and has a lot of experience working with collaborative land management organizations.

About Randy

Randy is the President of the Mondo Business Group, and organization that works in consulting on wildlife protection, climate change, and forestry. He received his masters at Colorado State University and has worked in locations all across Colorado.

Tim Reader
Randy Johnson

Project Summary

The Two States – Three rivers – Two Mountain Ranges Community Biomass Enterprise Development Team (2‐3‐2 CBD) will support collaborative outreach and assistance to the woody biomass using businesses and communities within the defined boundary. The project area includes southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. Our Team will deploy tools recently developed by the US Forest Service (USFS) and Oregon Department of Forestry specifically for forest collaboratives to increase their outreach and assistance to the biomass using business community. The 2‐3‐2 CBD Team will evaluate the effectiveness of these tools.


Southern Colorado and northern New Mexico

Boundary map in south Colorado and north New Mexico