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Forests, Fires, and People: A Wildfire Conversation Series

In this new four-part webinar series done in partnership with the Institute for Science and Policy, we have wide-ranging conversations with a broad set of panelists from around the region about the decisions, impacts, and stewardship principles that guide our collective approach to forest management and fire.

Part One: Kindling & Sparks
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Part Two: The Historic Fires of 2020
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Part Three: The Human Element
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Part Four: The Future of Western Wildfires
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Wolves in Colorado: Science and Stories

In this special six-part series, diverse panelists join us to explore wolf reintroduction through the lens of science, policy, and lived experiences.

Episode 1: The Science of Restoring Wolves to Colorado
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Episode 2: Media Coverage and Public Perspectives on Wolves
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Episode 3: Community Perspectives and Conflict over Wolves
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Episode 4: The Values and Costs of Wolves
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Episode 5: The Experience of Living With Wolves
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Episode 6: After the Vote
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Gray Wolf in Winter

Collaborative Conservation in a Polarized Age of Extinction

The conservation of biodiversity remains the cornerstone of conservation science and practice, but efforts to conserve imperiled species often intersect with people’s use of natural resources. In today’s era of high political polarization, a collaborative approach to conservation of land and water and the species they support holds particular promise to recover species and bring people together. In this panel discussion, our speakers will describe an collaborations focused on at-risk species, including how it came together, the species being addressed, dealing with disagreement, using science, and other key elements of success.

Watch here (panel begins at 8:50)