South-South and South-North Collaboration on Urban Protected Areas Accessibility and Access

  • Jim Barborak – Co-Director, Center for Protected Area Management, CSU
  • Felipe Zanusso –  Coordinator of the “Bosque da Ciência” environmental education project, National Research Institute of the Amazon
  • Juarez Michelotti – Manager of SESC’s (Commerce Social Service) Bertioga Private Nature Reserve
Co 11 Barborak
Co 11 Juarez
Co 11 Zanusso

Project Summary

This project compares and contrasts two urban Brazilian protected areas experiences in environmental education, justice and accessibility with that of Colorado Front Range urban protected areas. The main goal of the project is to develop strategies for urban protected areas to improve access to, and accessibility for, people with disabilities and those from lower income inner city communities that seldom visit or have access to protected areas. Objectives include: 1) Promote an exchange of experiences on good management practices in urban protected areas related to low-income and disabled people between the Colorado Front Range and Brazil and within Brazil, 2)  Create recommendations for environmental interpretation and installation of infrastructure that serve audiences with special needs suitable for wide dissemination and replication in Brazil, 3) Conduct an online course for Brazilian educators on environmental interpretation, with specific thematic modules on reaching and appropriate messaging for low-income and disabled audiences. Collaborators include: SESC (Commerce Social Service) in Brazil,  INPA (National Research Institute of the Amazon) in Brazil, CSU’s Center for Protected Area Management, and additional collaborators from academia municipal, state and federal protected area managers in Brazil and Colorado’s Front Range.