Would you like an opportunity to receive training and hands-on collaborative conservation work as part of a professional interdisciplinary team?  The CCC is looking for motivated undergraduates to be team members for our Collaborative Conservation Fellowship Program.

Since 2008, the Center for Collaborative Conservation’s (CCC) Fellows Program has challenged and encouraged students, faculty and practitioners to work together to help local communities build their livelihoods and conserve their landscapes. Fellows work to find new solutions to conservation issues by ‘helping communities help themselves’ through on-the-ground projects in the United States and around the world.

Benefits to Students

  • A possible stipend (depends on the team project)
  • Free travel to another country (if the team is working internationally)
  • Experience working collaboratively with a professional team on a conservation project
  • Use this experience for part of a senior project, as a fulfillment of an internship requirement, or apply it as independent study credits toward your degree.

Requirements from Students

  • You must be able to commit to a team project for at least one year starting in January 2018 (actual time involvement depends on the team project- it is not a full-time commitment and hours will be flexible)
  • Attend the Fellows Retreat training in Fort Collins on Feb. 14-16 (as much as you are able around classes).
  • You are required to submit at least three blogs and a written report to the CCC about your fellowship experiences and what you are learning.

Past Undergraduate Intern Experiences

Carrie Olsen

Carrie Olsen

“While this place may be a different world, I am also a different person for having been here. I am stronger, healthier, and have so many new experiences under my belt that I could write a book. I have seen firsthand how collaboration benefits research and aspire to head up collaboration projects of my own.”

Read Carrie’s Blog Post Here

Erin McCready

Erin McCready

“Maybe, just maybe, it’s because everything I have ever done that was worth doing was hard and terrifying and done with people so much more experienced than myself that I thought they must have made a mistake in even allowing me through the door in the first place.”

Read Erin’s Blog Post Here

Mikinzie Moydell

Mikinzie Moydell

“Despite my inexperience, I found all the information I needed through the people I spoke to. Without their help, input, and support, I would have been at a loss for how to complete my task. Even now, I am overwhelmed by their kindness and willingness to share their experience with me.”

Read Mikinzie’s Blog Post Here

To Apply

Send a resume and cover letter by December 1, to Kim Skyelander, Associate Director, Center for Collaborative Conservation at  kim.skyelander@colostate.edu