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California Connectivity & Crossings Conference 2024

California is one of the most biodiverse states in the country, has a high density of ecologists and wildlife biologists, and oversees one of the nation’s largest transportation and conservation budgets. However, because wildlife connectivity historically was not a priority in planning and decision-making, a wide variety of important habitats and wildlife connectivity in California remain fragmented by roads and other development. Habitat fragmentation and road mortality threaten many native species populations, reducing their ability to disperse, find mates, access fluctuating resources, and to adapt to a changing climate.

Recognizing the threat fragmentation poses to native wildlife and ecosystems, decision-makers and the public have increasingly supported bipartisan policies, agency capacity, and funding that will provide more opportunities to connect habitat for California wildlife. These opportunities include advancing wildlife crossing structures over and under roads, making land-use decisions that protect connectivity, and conserving parcels that promote connected landscapes. The recent focus on wildlife connectivity in land-use and transportation policies, coupled with new funding could herald a new era for wildlife conservation.

To channel this momentum, this conference seeks to create a forum where community and professional scientists, students, volunteers, policy-makers, and practitioners can collaboratively share research and findings, information gaps and needs, and present examples of how to navigate and fund solutions to restore wildlife connectivity across California.

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Apr 22 - 24 2024


All Day