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Welcome to the Colorado Forest Collaboratives Network

The purpose of this network is to benefit and support place-based forest collaboratives in Colorado by connecting them to information, resources, and each other, and by telling their stories to make their value and needs understood.

“As Coloradoans face increasingly difficult forest health challenges, some of our greatest successes are thanks to [collaborative groups’] dedication, creativity, and ability to bring people together. On behalf of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources – thank you! I am pleased to share my support for the all-new Colorado Forest Collaboratives Network… I hope you will find great value in the CFCN.”
Dan Gibbs
Director, Colorado Department of Natural Resources
"Community-based collaboratives are engines for action in Colorado. They bring together diverse values and voices into a common conversation to achieve critical outcomes for their neighbors. Collaborative work across the state is leading to healthier forests and watersheds while growing the number of Colorado’s fire-adapted communities. The Forest Collaboratives Network will build on this history of success in Colorado by ensuring existing and new collaboratives are better positioned for success by sharing working models, building capacity and ensuring that stakeholder driven planning and implementation continues to drive Colorado forward. I look forward to what comes from building together that we could not have built on our own.”
Matt McCombs
State Forester, Colorado State Forest Service

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About the Colorado Forest Collaboratives Network

Why a network?

For the last decade, collaboratives across Colorado have come together to share stories, ideas, and resources at an Annual Forest Collaboratives Summit. Each year, the response was overwhelmingly positive, and the Summit left people wishing for a way to maintain and expand those connections year-round. In 2021, a team from the Center for Collaborative Conservation interviewed 33 representatives of collaboratives, agencies, and organizations across Colorado and the western US to understand the need and desire for an ongoing, state-wide network of place-based forest collaboratives. The results, summarized in this Situation Assessment, showed broad support for a network.

What will the network do?

This network will be driven by collaboratives, for collaboratives. We are seeking input on an ongoing basis to get to know each collaborative and to understand where there are needs and opportunities to support them.

We want to know:

  • What resources already exist to support collaboratives, and what needs are not yet being met?
  • How can we most effectively communicate and stay in touch with collaboratives?
  • What relationships already exist among collaborative groups, and how can we help facilitate additional relationships and idea-sharing?
  • How can we elevate collaborative groups’ stories and voices to the public and at a state-level?
  • What ideas do individuals involved in collaboratives have for a network?
Ideas for the network: What we have heard from collaboratives so far

As of May 2022, we heard a few recurring ideas for the network from our one-on-one conversations with individuals involved in collaboratives. This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything we heard or will hear as we continue building relationships, but does offer a glimpse into some possibilities for the network.

Common ideas for the network, as expressed by individuals involved with collaboratives are to:

  • Connect collaboratives to one another to share stories and lessons.
  • Compile, share, and assist with funding and other capacity-building opportunities.
  • Compile and share information and current research on specific topics relevant to forest collaboratives. Recommended topics include: collaborative facilitation and administration, community engagement and conflict resolution, forestry innovations, and more.
  • Elevate collaborative voices, and share their successes with, the public and at a state policy level.
To receive updates

We send occasional emails containing news, events, and resources for forest collaboratives and their partners.

Colorado Forest Collaboratives Network Participants

Do you notice anyone missing? Please let us know! 

Upcoming Events and Meetings

What is the Summit? The Summit is by and for collaboratives. It’s a chance to connect with each other, share learning, and hear from statewide leaders. The Colorado Forest Collaboratives Network was inspired by successes at past annual Forest Collaboratives Summits. Moving forward, the Network will take the lead on hosting this important event annually. 

The agenda will include a chance to interact with State Forester Matt McCombs, DNR Executive Director Dan Gibbs, and members of the Colorado Forest Health Council. You will also have time to interact with friends and peers about successes, collaborative readiness, and more. You can read through the full summit agenda here!

When? October 27, 2022. 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. M.T. and please stay for the social from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Where? Old Community Center, 110 South 3rd Avenue Frisco, Colorado.

How much does it cost? Attendance is FREE and travel assistance will be available. Please email to request travel assistance.


From the Webinar on Infrastructure Law for Forest Collaboratives (May 25, 2022)
Inventory Tools
  • Looking for other collaborative organizations in Colorado? Check out the Colorado Collaborative Conservation Atlas, which features over features over 200 long-term collaborative and multi-stakeholder initiatives working across the state on many different kinds and combinations of natural resource and environmental issues.
  • Find collaborative groups and support organizations working on conservation and resource management in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions through the Collaborative Conservation Mapping Project. This inventory tool is meant to connect collaboratives and support organizations for shared learning and problem solving.
Reports, Studies, and Other Resources
  • Challenges in Accessing and Utilizing Federal Funding to Support Cross-Boundary Watershed-Scale Restoration,” compiled by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, 2022. Produced in response to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, this report examines challenges surrounding federal funding programs, ways to improve opportunities to address barriers, and how to “assist decision makers, agencies, and funders in utilizing federal funding to support watershed-scale conservation and restoration initiatives requiring action on a relatively short time scale.

Thank You to the Colorado Forest Collaboratives Network Funders and Supporters

We Want to Hear from You!

Katie McGrath Novak 

Colorado Forest Collaboratives Network Coordinator

If you are a member of a collaborative, or are an interested partner with ideas for building further connections, I would love to set up a one-on-one call to get to know you and hear your ideas for the network. I am best reached at my email address.