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“Collaboration is when people with a stake in a problem join forces, pool information, knock heads, construct alternative solutions, and forge an agreement.”

Barbara Gray, Author of Collaborating: Finding Common Ground for Multiparty Problems
Cini Brown in Mongolia

Conservation means taking care of our land, water, and wildlife so the diversity of life thrives, including the people who depend on nature.  In the past, conservation has emphasized biological and ecological sciences and excluded people. We now know this approach alone cannot succeed. It takes all sides.

That is what collaborative conservation is all about. It’s an inclusive process where diverse stakeholders work together to create solutions for people and nature. This is what we teach, what we share, and how we support the work of others.

Collaborative conservation is how many of the world’s complex challenges are being solved.

We focus our work in three areas:

Through coursework, trainings, experiential opportunities, and “how to” resources, the CCC builds the skills of students and professionals so they can amplify their conservation impact.

The CCC connects students, faculty, and practitioners to share learning and find opportunities to work together.
Practicing what we preach, the CCC gets involved in projects where we have a unique ability to support conservation impact.

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