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Forests, Fires, and People: The Marshall Fire Tragedy and the Changing Wildland Urban Interface

Last year’s Marshall Fire in Boulder County was one of the most devastating blazes in Colorado history, destroying more than a thousand homes in predominantly suburban neighborhoods. Scientists warn that fire season is fast becoming year round in the state, driven by hotter, drier conditions tied to climate change. Amidst a tragedy that has impacted so many, what should communities be thinking about in terms of future management, policy, and preparedness? And what can science tell us a sustainable approach to living with fire in the ever-expanding wildland urban interface?

Be sure to join us on Wednesday, February 16 as we welcome Jennifer Balch, Director of Earth Lab at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at CU Boulder. Her research examines fire processes and patterns across North America, including land use and human influence on the changing nature of fire season. This interactive discussion will also feature additional special guests, to be announced. Audience members are welcome to submit questions in advance for potential inclusion in the conversation. Register here.

This bonus episode of our Forests, Fires, and People series is presented by the Institute for Science & Policy at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and the Center for Collaborative Conservation, with support from Gates Family Foundation and in partnership with the Colorado Forest Restoration Institute, the Southern Rockies Fire Science Network, the Colorado State Forest Service, and the Climate Adaptation Partnership.


Feb 16 2022


5:00 pm