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Conservation Finance Learning Lab, Part 3 | Webinar Series

Join a five-part Conservation Finance Learning Lab produced in partnership between Highstead and The Conservation Finance Network and made freely available to registrants. The webinars will take place from December 2021 to April 2022, and will feature panel discussions, case studies, and networking opportunities for participants to take a deep dive into tangible, innovative approaches to conservation funding and financing.

The concepts and lessons learned from the case studies presented will be broadly applicable to practitioners everywhere. Each session will build on the previous sessions, culminating in the “Dolphin Tank” exercise*, where participants will have the opportunity to analyze and deliberate solutions to real-world conservation problems. Attendance at all/most sessions will ensure the full benefit of the series. Recordings of past sessions are available to watch.

Part III: The Power of Debt: Borrowing Money to Save the World – Tuesday, February 8th at 2 PM ET
Focus on the benefits and sources of debt alongside repayment pathways (PRIs, SRF, revolving loans, etc.).

Find more information on each session here.


Feb 08 2022

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