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Fellows Program

The Center for Collaborative Conservation’s Fellows Program provides funding and training to students, faculty, and practitioners who use a collaborative approach to help communities improve their livelihoods and achieve conservation goals. Our growing network of Fellows stays connected to the CCC and their cohort during and after the fellowship for lifelong friendship and learning. For a comprehensive view of our program, check out our CCC Fellows Program 10-year review: Assessment of impacts.

We are no longer accepting proposals for Cohort 13. 
Please check back next fall if interested in applying for the Collaborative Conservation Fellowship. Thank you!

Current Fellows

$67,900 awarded to 10 Fellows working on 5 projects in New Mexico, USA, Tanzania, Colombia, India, and Guatemala. Meet the Fellows and read about the projects here.

$76,000 awarded to 12 Fellows working on 5 projects in Colorado and Montana, USA, Botswana, Cameroon, and Ecuador. Meet the Fellows and read about the projects here.

Recent Fellows

$42,300 awarded to 7 Fellows working on 3 projects in Colorado, Brazil, and Tanzania. Meet the Fellows and read about the projects here.

$48,000 awarded 6 Fellows working on 4 projects focused on human-carnivore relationships. Meet the Fellows and read about the projects here.

How to become a Fellow

In August of each year, we begin accepting applications for the Collaborative Conservation Fellows Program.

The Fellows Program is for those interested in conservation at any stage of their careers– whether a graduate student, a mid-career professional or academic, or an experienced practitioner. This innovative program provides funding, training, and a community of practice to plan and implement on-the-ground projects. 

Past Fellows projects have included:   

  • Working with a diverse group of stakeholders to do on-the-ground conservation efforts, such as a restoration project, conservation research, social science research, citizen science, or education.  
  • Projects designed to build capacity of a group of stakeholders to work together to accomplish conservation efforts, such as training, planning, creating tools (such as an app, social network map, photovoice, etc.), gathering and sharing information, outreach, or other support activities.  
  • Convening a diverse group of organizations, agencies, and other stakeholders to support collaborative conservation efforts.
Please check back in August for more information about applying for the Collaborative Conservation Fellowship!

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Fellows Training

Our Fellows Program 10-year Review describes how the program trains individuals in collaborative conservation, and how, in the words of one CCC Fellows, ”there is pedagogy and evidence-based best practices for effective collaboration.” To access training materials we have used over the years, see our “how to” resources.

Fellows Products

CCC Fellows have produced over 150 theses, peer-reviewed journal articles, reports, videos and more that provide insight into collaborative conservation general and specific efforts across the globe. Check out the full list here.

Fellows Interactive Directory

Nearly 150 CCC Fellows have worked in 27 countries and 17 Native American nations. See who has done what where by clicking on this interactive map.

Fellows Testimony