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Utila, Honduras Research Project

By: Suzanne Kent

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Team Honduras was again united—this time in Utila—and finally the team members and all Utilian partners were together.  Keri Brondo arrived at the start of July and immediately began connecting and collaborating with our partner organizations and others in the community.  Cheri Smarr-Foster, Suzanne Kent and Daryl Stephens arrived in mid-July.  The U.S.-based team members immersed themselves in the activities of their partner organizations and connected with key stakeholders on the island.  They explored themes related to education, plastic recycling, native species, mangrove lagoons, tourism, and numerous other topics.  The partner organizations welcomed the anthropological team with island hospitality and enthusiasm for a collaborative approach, and the community was generous with their time and insights. We were able to bring all who committed to the CCC project together for a happy hour celebration.  Most of us have returned to the U.S. (Daryl is still on Utila for a bit longer)—we are excited about the continued collaboration with the conservation organizations of Utila as we work through the data and findings in the coming months.

Photo from left to right and top to bottom: Suzanne Kent – Colorado State University, Konrad Madej – Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center, Luis Chévez Contreras – Fundación Islas de la Bahia, Keri Brondo – University of Memphis, Pamela Ortega – Coral Reef Alliance, Cheri Smarr-Foster – Colorado State University, Daryl Stephens – University of Memphis, Andrea Albergoni – Kanahau, Maria Arteaga – Bay Islands Conservation Association.  Not pictured: Arleen Hill – University of Memphis, Steve Clayson – Kanahua.