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Products of the WCCN Collaborative Governance Working Group

The WCCN’s Collaborative Governance Working Group, formerly called the Public Policy Working Group, has broken new ground in the development of strategies to involve federal natural resource agencies and stakeholders in collaborative conservation efforts.

In January of 2021, the group published a white paper on the topic led by Jessica Western and Heather Johnson, titled Institutionalizing Collaborative Problem-Solving As A Way of Doing Business with Federal Natural Resource Agencies.

The report lists the common challenges and issues that prevent partnering with federal agencies and provides recommendations which work to institutionalize collaborative problem solving as a way of doing business.

Alongside the white paper, the group formatted the information into a powerpoint (click to download) and 2-pager in order to easily present and disseminate this information throughout the network and beyond.

Another project that the Collaborative Governance Working Group completed since its creation, was the development of a Collaborative Keys to Success 2-pager, which gives recommendations on how to build and support successful community-based collaborative conservation (CBCC) projects to address land management issues in the western United States.

At the Quarterly WCCN All Partners Meeting on December 7, 2022, Jessica Western updated the network about the evolution and goals of the Collaborative Governance Working Group. You can watch her short presentation explaining the group’s white paper, powerpoint, and next steps in the video below.

To get involved in the WCCN’s Collaborative Governance Working Group, please contact Jessica Western and find scheduled meetings on our Events page.