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The CFCN Presents: Branching Out

Next session: Thursday, October 19th

Forest Collaboratives & the New Colorado Forest Management Tracker (Forest Tracker)

Nic Kotlinski, Geospatial Data and Analysis Program Manager, Colorado State Forest Service

Rebecca Dannels, GIS Specialist, Colorado State Forest Service
Stephanie Mueller, Spatial Analyst, Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

What is the Colorado Forest Management Activity Tracker?

In 2017, the Colorado Forest Restoration Institute (CFRI) at Colorado State University completed a geospatial database of hazardous fuel reduction and forest management activities conducted across private, local, state, and federally managed lands along the Colorado Front Range on behalf of the Front Range Round Table (FRRT). In 2022, CFRI expanded the data and reporting to the entire state of Colorado, which was published as the Colorado Interagency Fuel Treatment Database (report). Beginning in 2023, CFRI has partnered with the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) to leverage the expertise of each organization to create an accessible layer of all-lands forest management activities and update the data into the future. Our intent, and the aspirations of the broader forestry community encouraging this project, is that updating and maintaining basic information about fuels reduction and forest restoration treatments on federal and non-federal lands can help track management activities on a multi-jurisdictional landscape to foster learning and improve forest management outcomes. This dataset will provide managers, communities, and researchers a better understanding of where on the landscape fuel treatments have occurred as well as highlights where minimal forest management has taken place, and the spatial and temporal trends associated with those activities.

This session will be split into two, 45-minute segments:

Part 1 | We will begin with an overview of the forest management activity tracker, its purpose, an expected timeline for deliverables, and Q&A led by CSFS Geospatial Data and Analysis Program Manager Nic Kotlinski, CSFS GIS Specialist Rebecca Dannels, and CFRI Spatial Analyst Stephanie Mueller.

Part 2 | We know it can be tough to carve out time for things like uploading data to a new database. Once we all understand better what the Forest Management Activity Tracker database is, Nic will outline the instructions for ensuring your data is in the proper format and the data submission form process. This process was designed to be a quick and easy way for you to upload your collaborative’s fuel treatment information. We understand that not everyone is, or has access to, a GIS wizard, so we will also dedicate time during this session for attendees to upload information during the session and/or work with presenters in breakout rooms to answer real-time questions and work through the upload process during the webinar. We hope that by carving out this time for you in advance, it will be easier for you to check this item off your to-do list!

You can learn more about the most recent database release here:

Participants can review the data submission instructions and submission form before attending.

Branching Out Suggestion Box

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