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WCCN All Partners Meeting Resources: Federal Funding for Collaborative Capacity

Thank you to Emery Cowan from Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition for presenting on updates and policy priorities related to federal funding for collaborative capacity!

You can view a recording of her presentation here:

You can find the record of our meeting’s materials here in our shared folder.

Below are shared resources related to this All Partners meeting:

  • Forest Service Project Planning to Implementation (link) – good overview of the Forest Service’s process for developing and implementing veg management projects
  • Ideas to Action: A guide to Funding and Authorities for Collaborative Restoration (link) – good overview of NRCS/USFS programs, agreements, and authorities to support collaborative restoration
  • Innovative Collaborative Engagement in National Forest Management in the Pacific Northwest (link) – short examples of how collaboratives are engaging in different parts of Forest Service processes beyond NEPA scoping/pre-NEPA input
  • Governance Strategies for Large Landscape Partnerships in the West (link) – how three partnerships are organizing themselves and developing governance strategies for working across large landscapes
  • Pathways to Prescribed Fire: Three Case Studies Highlighting Opportunities for Community-based Nonprofits to Build Cooperative Burning Capacity (link) – examples of how small nonprofits are working with agency partners to undertake prescribed fire projects
  • TRCP Public Funding Opportunities Navigator (link) – spreadsheet of upcoming federal and NM funding opportunities 
  • Conservation Program Explorer (link) – searchable platform for conservation funding opportunities in WA and OR
  • Slides: link

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