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Ask Atti: What We Love About Collaboration

Atti, a peach-faced lovebird, pictured with a speech bubble saying, "What do you love about collaboration? -Rox"

“Dear Atti, what do you love about collaboration?” – Rox 

Atti, the Peach-faced Lovebird, studiously gathered responses from other WCCN (Western Collaborative Conservation Network) partners to support Rox, and this is what he found- just in time for Valentine’s Day! 

The things Atti loves about collaboration are many; it’s hard to pick just one favorite! He loves how energetic and passionate people and meetings can get when we are working together- it really makes him chirp. Atti also loves how new perspectives, when given a collaborative platform, can generate creative solutions to complex conservation problems. As one WCCN member said, “we care, we want to do good work, and we want to do good work together”.

Here is what Atti and the WCCN offered in response to Rox’s question:

  • I love my passionate partners
  • I like the high level of trust in bouncing ideas around until you find the fit that works for all. Energizing!
  • I love the energy collaborative meetings have- there is so much more passion than in hierarchical work
  • Meeting interesting people with refreshing points of view.

  • Collaboration means…opportunities, partnerships, leaders rising to the top, ultimate project success! Conservation will not be perpetually achieved through regulations and laws.
  • I love doing conservation work that prioritizes and empowers people & livelihoods.
  • When so many talented people work together toward a common goal, find solutions, and share experiences with one another.
  • I love doing impactful work through collaborations and building a supportive community at the same time!
  • I love coming up with better solutions that work for everyone. Also people sharing resources–a real team effort.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Q&A! Feel free to share with us your own suggestions here.

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