Fellows Program

PLEASE NOTE! The CCC Fellows RFP application period is now over. The next application period will be held in Fall of 2019. 

Building a network of collaborative
conservation around the world

The Center for Collaborative Conservation’s Fellows Program challenges students, faculty and practitioners to use a collaborative approach to help communities sustain/improve their livelihoods and support/contribute to local and global conservation goals.  Fellows work across disciplinary, landscape, cultural, and administrative boundaries with community partners and diverse stakeholders to find new solutions through on-the-ground projects around the world. These projects are rooted in collaborative learning, research, and action. The work of these fellows leads to stronger networks and relationships between those who study collaborative conservation and those who practice it. Our vision is to create the “new conservationist” who is passionate about using a  collaborative approach to bring together different knowledge systems to create solutions to today’s complex conservation issues. 

Fellows Impacts

Since 2009, the Fellows Program has supported cohorts of students, faculty, and practitioners incorporating collaboration in their conservation work. The scale of impacts of the work the fellows and their partners have on the connected communities and issues is remarkable.

134 Fellows

36 Practitioner Fellows

25 Faculty Fellows

55 Graduate Student Fellows

18 Undergraduate Interns

26 countries

United States, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, Cuba, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Panama, Spain, Ecuador, Guinea-Bissau, Costa Rica, Estonia, Ethiopia, Belize, Papau New Guinea, Tanzania, South Africa, Nepal, Haiti, Philippines, Honduras, Ghana, Thailand, Mexico, India


Awarded to our fellows since 2008