Fellows Program

Building a network of collaborative
conservation around the world

The Center for Collaborative Conservation’s Fellows Program challenges students, faculty and practitioners to use a collaborative approach to help communities improve their livelihoods and contribute to local and global conservation goals.  Fellows work across disciplinary, landscape, cultural, and administrative boundaries with community partners and diverse stakeholders to find new solutions through on-the-ground projects around the world. These projects are rooted in collaborative learning, research, and action. The work of these fellows leads to stronger networks and relationships between those who study collaborative conservation and those who practice it. Our vision is to create the “new conservationist” who is passionate about using a  collaborative approach to bring together different knowledge systems to create solutions to today’s complex conservation issues. 

Introducing the 10 Year Review of the CCC Fellows Program: An Assessment of Impacts

For the last ten years, the CCC Fellows Program, unlike other fellowships, has challenged and trained students, faculty, and conservation practitioners to engage directly with communities that depend on conservation efforts for their livelihoods. In 2019, a 10-year retrospective evaluation was conducted to assess the medium- and long-term utility and impact of CCC Fellows Program training and components to: 1) the fellows themselves, 2) the field of collaborative conservation, and 3) to a lesser extent, to communities where fellows have worked. Two researchers reviewed past fellows’ project reports and conducted surveys and interviews with alumni from Cohorts 1-8. Analysis of the reports, surveys and interviews revealed seven themes about the CCC Fellows Program.  Researchers also compiled a set of Key Takeaways and Recommendations from the retrospective evaluation to be used for continued Fellows Program improvement.

To access the full report, click HERE.

We are now accepting applications for Cohort 12!

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We will host two info sessions – registration links can also be found with the applications materials.

Deadline for applications is Nov 2nd 2021.


Fellows Impacts

Since 2009, the Fellows Program has supported cohorts of students, faculty, and practitioners incorporating collaboration in their conservation work. The scale of impacts of the work the fellows and their partners have on the connected communities and issues is remarkable.

135 Fellows

700,000 Awarded

24 Undergraduate Interns

26 Countries

8,828 People Benefited

17 Native American Nations